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Total Makeup Shakeup

Total Makeup Shakeup

Howdy, howdy, friends. I have a ton to fill you in on, which I will slowly be doing, but today’s brief entry is about MAKEUP.

If you’ve been reading here longer than 5 minutes you know that a huge part of my mental illness life is my lifelong struggle with body dysmorphia and self esteem. Knowing this, you may wonder “Why tf would she talk about makeup?!” Well, my doubting friend, because it’s fun. Plus, over the years I’ve cut down on both products and my routine by doing only what I want to do and not what I feel I have to do. Oh, and here’s the obligatory makeup-doesn’t-make-you-beautiful, it-enhances-what-you-already-have, yadda yadda yadda. No, seriously - makeup is fun, but it isn’t necessary…it’s pretty much always optional. Unless you have a photo shoot, or an interview, or whatever. You get the point.


On to the PRODUCTS: I’ve linked every single one so that you can purchase them from Sephora. No promotion here, I just only have Sephora nearby and it’s least expensive there!

The assumption here is that you’ve cleansed, toned, and moisturized your skin before sitting down to do your makeup. I’m not even going to recommend skincare products because…IDK, shit’s complicated. I my very self am in what my good friend calls a “skin transition”, meaning that a few weeks ago my skin just switched up on me with no warning. That’s another post entirely. ANYWAY…

  1. Step 1 is always primer. I tend towards having oily skin in every season except winter, but these two products serve me well year round. Benefit Cosmetics is known for their brow products, but I have long been a fan of their best-selling POREFessional Primer - that’s my first move at the makeup table. I apply that to my nose, under my eyes, and my forehead, historically the oiliest places on my face. Next up, I go all over with my trusty, beloved Smashbox Photo Finish Smooth + Blur Foundation primer - it smoothes and blurs, just like it says, providing an even canvas for your next layers.

2. Step 2 for me is color correction and concealer. Now, “color correction” sounds sketchy af, I know. And the color correction products available from the various brands in Sephora are very Fancy and Daunting, and I have exactly zero time for Fancy and Daunting. So imagine my joy when, several years ago, a very knowledgable sistah at Sephora pointed me to a SINGLE products for color correction… this Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer. I apply that under my eyes only, and then follow up all over my face with Kat Von D’s Lock It Concealer.

3. Once the all over concealing is finished, I move on to my eyes. Now, if there’s one thing in makeup I’m particular about, it’s my eye makeup. On a daily basis, I really ONLY wear eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. Maybe lipstick. On a normal day of just going to class and working my part-time job, I don’t wear anything on my skin. No primer, no foundation, no concealer. Because why tf would I waste my expensive primer, concealer, foundation and powder only to SWEAT IT OFF BEFORE DEGAGES?! I see girls roll into the studio with FULL FACES on and I’m like…How, Sway?! I will never understand. I, personally, am capable of being half-cute in the name of saving money/product. Fight me.

First up is yet another Smashbox fave, the 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer. Swipe that over your lids to make sure your eye-shadow color is still popping at the end of class. My absolute favorite eyeliner of all time is this Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner. You will pry this eyeliner from my cold, dead hands because I wanted my wings to be FIRE on my way to meet the Lord. I follow it up with literally any color from my trusty Naked2 Palette. Last, but certainly not least, I’ve got the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. I JUST got it, and it was a tad bit clumpy, but it did separate after a little while. We’ll see if I last with this one or if I splurge on the full size Guerlain. I got the Guerlain sample a few months ago and have been scraping the bottom of it like a fiend for sometime now.

4. My all over foundation now is this absolutely legendary Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, which was actually a freebie from a makeup-artist friend…and to which I have since pledged my undying love and fealty. I usually hate liquid foundation because it makes me look like an extra-flaky piece of French bread, but because this is literally a moisturizer, I don’t run into that issue here. I go over this with the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation.


5. Lippy time. I have a FEW lip colors I love, but the one I’m wearing in the photo above is Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Liquorice.

I’m a BIG FAN of bold lip colors, but The Wife is not partial to them because if I wear lipstick, she generally ends up wearing some of it too. I can’t help it - she’s cute, and her face is cute. I kiss it with abandon. Anyway.


For me, having chapped lips is right up there with being ashy as far as Things God Don’t Like. I can’t stand it on others, and I absolutely can’t stand it on myself. When I was a young thug fresh to the game (aka high school), Sarah Jessica Parker gave me the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten: BRUSH your lips. Yes, you heard me. When you brush your teeth, BRUSH and exfoliate your lips. This is especially effective if you use an electric toothbrush, which I do. I exfoliate my lips and then immediately apply a later of either Aquaphor or Burt’s Bees. I do not play about this.


6. Last but not least, I spray with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray. Hear me: I am not a neat eater. It is the aspect of adulthood I have yet to master. I work hard to hide this fact…but I am, in all reality, two kids in a trenchcoat.

I have made some questionable (but non-regrettable) menu choices whilst dining out and wearing this setting spray and I am happy to say this spray, especially when paired with Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, is chicken-, ramen-, taco-, sweaty-concert, photo-shoot, injera-and-tibs-, and donut-proof. You welcome.

OH, AND I am fully aware that Kat Von D is a garbage human being, or at least she’s garbage adjacent. The products I own and love by her brand were purchased LONG before I knew she was garbage, and I plan on seeking out alternatives for them once they’ve run out.

This post was brought to you by my ADHD medicine, Drake, Destiny’s Child, and sour candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Catch You Next Time!


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Dance Reel on My YouTube Channel!

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